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All About Vehicle And Fleet Management Software

Uncover Your Fleet's True Potential.

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Uncover Your Fleet's True Potential. Fleet Management is a web-based and app-based service for the transport companies. It provides facilities like maintaining the records of customers, drivers, trucks, trailers, payload, trips and records of the goods dispatches, all combined in a single application. This service is charged on a monthly basis and provides 2 accounts to the clients with complete admin rights. The admin adds the drivers with a unique user name and password. These registered drivers have access to the information as to how much payload needs to be hauled. They can also find out the payment details, whether paid or pending and identify how much they have travelled

Features Of Admin

1. Create credentials and add truck drivers and their details
2. Upload the documents of the drivers such as Inspection Sticker expiration, Licence plate expiration, etc.
3. Add brokers list, 3rd party logistics, shippers/consignees, payloads and manage them.
4. Assign the drivers or a team with a vehicle.

Features of the Drivers account

1. Upload their expense documents
2. Identify their tasks allotted, etc.
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